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Mini Ring Light for Dark Field Ring Applications

Product Description


A low-angle ring light which works most effectively for dark field ring applications, the RM140-4Z Mini Ring Light is both compact and powerful and can be used for radial illumination. Featuring an aluminum housing, the RM1404Z Series is IP65 rated.

The RM140-4Z is a quadrant light, which means that it has four zones. Each of these zones can be individually controlled independent of the others.


Allowing control of as many as four separate light zones –whether independently or simultaneously, and in any combination – the 4ZMD is an external driver.

The 4ZMD has built-in Multi-Drive™, which permits setting a range between 10% and 100% for continuous operation or OverDrive™ strobe mode, as well as independent intensity controls. 250 mA is the maximum continuous current for the 4ZMD-250 when it is connected to the RM140-4Z.

It is possible to set each channel to be continuously on, off, or at any intensity level between the two when it is connected to an LED Light Manager (LLM). It is even possible to set them to OverDrive™ strobe mode.

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