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Streak Tube for a Wide Range of Technologies

Photonis Streak Tubes set the benchmark for quality, optimizing timing, resolution and sensitivity; they promise femtosecond speed with spatial temporal resolution.

The wide-ranging assortment and high quality of Photonis Streak Tubes is welcomed by researchers. Whatever the use - ballistics, physics research, femtochemistry, microscopy or biology - Photonis Streak Tubes deliver the timing and tenacity your investigation necessitates.

Photonis Streak tubes are used in streak, framing or synchroscan modes, with a variety of existing photocathodes for discovery from low energy X-ray to near infrared. The high sensitivity, low noise photocathodes offer high uniformity, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, and a high shutter ratio, while bilamellar electron optics sustain femtosecond temporal and extremely high spatial resolution.

Feature Highlights

  • Spatial resolution up to 50 lp/mm,
  • Temporal resolution to sub-picosecond in streak mode,
  • Exposure times less than 10 ns in framing mode,
  • Suitable answer to support an assortment of applications.

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