Advanced Surface Finish and Diameter Measurement with Talysurd PGI NOVUS

The PGI NOVUS is designed with innovation in mind. The PGI NOVUS has a cutting-edge dual bias gauge, allowing end users to measure the diameter and angle from one instrument, whilst also facilitating the analysis of the surface finish in both directions (normal and inverted) for optimal performance.

The PGI NOVUS is the best high-precision system available with high accuracy, repeatability and stability.

Metrology 4.0 Software – Made with Manufacturing in Mind

Metrology 4.0 software comes with the PGI NOVUS which provides a virtual display for “at a glance” monitoring and real-time manipulation of measurements. Real-time measurement simulation using the true coordinates facilitates a level of monitoring previously unreached in the industry.

“The new Form Talysurf PGI NOVUS brings significant improvement in the ability to measure diameters and contours, especially with a newly designed gauge that allows form and surface measurement in upper and lower directions. The PGI NOVUS gauge is designed to provide the user with greater measurement flexibility. Small, medium and large complex parts can be measured on a single system.”

“The new software’s functionality ensures that real-time measurement can be tracked through an on-screen profile. A range of different modes is available offering basic elements such as recordable part programming, along with an advanced toolbox of programmable features including variables. That function allows one program to be created for a set of parts of differing sizes, minimizing the level of effort and training required for operators, while maintaining the highest measurement precision,”

Greg Roper - Surface Product Manager, Taylor Hobson

Taylor Hobson can also provided unique systems to support use of their highly accurate systems in any kind of environment – from production to a lab. Three instrument options are available in addition to many add-ons to meet any requirement.

Key Applications

  • Bearings – roller, spherical, and four-point contact.
  • Ball screw axial measurement - both sides for pitch circle diameters.
  • Multipart measurement - using a single program.
  • Fuel injectors – seat angle and straightness.

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