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PI-MTE3 - In-Vacuum Applications with a Large-Format X-Ray Camera

Princeton Instruments, the world’s leading developer and supplier of ultra-low-noise, deep-cooled scientific CCD cameras, is proud to present the popular PI-MTE series for in-vacuum x-ray imaging and spectroscopy applications.

Large-Format X-Ray Camera with up to 4k x 4k Sensor Formats

The main features of the PI-MTE3 camera are the following:

  • Back-illuminated CCDs without non-reflective coating. Ranges up to 4k x 4k resolution
  • X-ray energy sensitivity with a range of ~10 eV to 30 KeV
  • 100% in-vacuum testing that includes cooling tubes and cables
  • Multi-port 16 MHz effective readout with high frame rates
  • Lowest dark current used for integration time
  • Highly developed thermal design that can be utilized for 24/7 in-vacuum operation
  • Full control of the experiment by means of non-compulsory LightField software

In-Vacuum Performance Breakthrough

In-vacuum PI-MTE3 CCD cameras are intended for direct detection in EUV, VUV, and x-ray imaging applications with a range of  ~10 eV to 30 keV.

Peak quantum efficiency of >95% offered by the back-illuminated CCDs (large 2k x 2k or 4k x 4k formats) used by the PI-MTE3 platform. Functional results of cooling the liquid in low dark current aid in achieving longer integration times.

This 16-bit, low-noise cameras, because of their four-port readout architecture, supplies frame rates up to 7x to 10x higher than past-generation two-port cameras.

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