Methane Gas Detector - An Intrinsically Safe Device

The FLD2000 methane detector from Photonic Innovations has been developed with the specific needs of power plants, mines and O&G sites in mind.

It is an intrinsically safe device; IECEx certified and offering high quality safety features designed to keep personnel working in hazardous, confined and potentially gas filed spaces, safe at all times.

With a construction and build developed with the specific challenges of harsh working environments at its core, the FLD2000 is perfectly suited for refineries and mines. Its IP 55 enclosure guarantees that the sensor is protected from dangerous liquids and dusts.

The FLD 2000 boasts the following key features:

  • IECEx certified device
  • Quick response times
  • No false alarms
  • Intrinsic safety at its core
  • No need to replace sensors
  • Low lifetime cost
  • IP 55 rating
  • Easy integration with SCADA systems
  • High reliability and accuracy

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