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High Performance Industrial Controller – GEVA-4000

Teledyne DALSA's vision systems are designed to thrive in challenging industrial environments and feature compatibility with a broad range of cameras plus customer’s choice of easy-to-use embedded vision software (iNspect Express or Sherlock) that will allow them to get their inspection application running in no time.

Multi-Camera Inspection

Teledyne DALSA's GEVA vision systems offer the performance and flexibility to examine multiple assemblies, parts, or surfaces simultaneously. These systems are fitted with high-speed camera ports, multi-core processors, and versatile I/O options to match user’s application and factory integration requirements.

Camera Flexibility

The GEVA vision systems are compatible with a broad range of cameras for both area and line based imaging. These include Teledyne DALSA’s full complement of Gigabit Ethernet and Camera Link cameras with mono or color sensors, as well as third party alternatives. Expanding or altering the camera configuration is both easy and economical with GEVA.

Embedded Application Software

All of Teledyne DALSA’s vision systems are fitted with application software. Users just need to connect the system components, apply power, and begin building their solution. Users can freely choose either the ease-of-use of iNspect Express or the flexibility of Sherlock.

I/O Solutions

Teledyne DALSA offers regular I/O solutions for all of their systems. These breakout modules provide isolation for cameras and streamline integration within the control environment. Furthermore, some of their systems have built-in I/O capabilities. Teledyne DALSA embedded software applications support basic factory protocols for communicating with complementary equipment.

GEVA Comparison Chart

  GV 300 GV 312T GV 1000 GV 3000 GV 3000CL GV 4000
Space saving        
Cost $ $ $$ $$ $$ $$
Integrated display          
1 or 2 cameras
3 or more cameras Via switch Via switch  
No moving parts  
Performance Good Good Very good Excellent Excellent Superior
Line scan    

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