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Capturing Images Using Neutrons with the Neutronic

The Neutronic [i] from Photonis allows users to capture an image using neutrons – a method which is especially beneficial when the object one is trying to capture is encased by dense metal, for example. The Neutronic [i] system offers both higher resolution and better detection efficiency than traditional scintillator-based systems currently available.

Every Neutronic [i] is fitted with a special Photonis-manufactured image grade 100x100 MCP together with a vacuum chamber, controller and high-voltage power supply. The Photonis Neutronic [i] provides superior <50 µm spatial resolution combined with high detection efficiency of 50% cold neutron or 70% thermal neutron imaging.

Neutron image using cold neutrons:

Neutron image using cold neutrons

Neutron image using thermal neutrons:

Neutron image using thermal neutrons

Furthermore, the Neutronic [i] delivers large format images in a fraction of the time it would take while using a scintillator-based system. Images can be obtained within 60-90 minutes, controlling the exposure time of the sample to the neutron beam. The Neutronic [i] can be coupled with one of Photonis’ Nocturn cameras which are available with a range of outputs to fit one’s requirements. Each camera features a CMOS sensor to offer high-resolution images, even in poor lighting conditions.

What Is Neutron Imaging

There are a number of different ways to image an object or even a person non-invasively. Methods one might be familiar with are PET scans, X-rays and CT scans, all of which provide clear images however, they have their boundaries. Neutron imaging is generally used to capture images which other radiography methods cannot as they are not able to penetrate the surface.

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