Avalanche Photo Detectors from Marktech Optoelectronics

Marktech APD's are available with an internal gain mechanism, low dark current, fast time response and high sensitivity in the near infrared region. These APD's are suggested for applications that need high bandwidth, or where internal gain is required for overcoming high pre-amp noise. Additionally, Marktech APD's offer higher sensitivity when compared to a standard photodiode and are considered to be perfect for short pulse detection and extreme low-level light detection.

Silicon Avalanche photodiodes (Si APD's) are the desired optical detectors for applications where the wavelength lies between 400 nm and 1100 nm. Standard versions are available in three active area sizes: Ф 200, 500 and 800 µm and are available in hermetic TO Cans, and soon to be announced cost-effective LCC packages.

In many applications, such as data communication, LIDAR, instrumentation and photon counting, these detectors have become the semiconductor equivalent of photomultipliers. In addition cost-effective customization of these APDs is offered in order to meet exacting design specifications. Operation voltage selection and (Vbr) binning, hybridization and wavelength specific band-pass filtering options are among many of the application-specific solutions offered by Marktech.

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