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Cree Surface Mount LEDs from Marktech Optoelectronics

Cree surface mount (SMD) LEDs offer high-reliability and high-brightness performance, and are provided in industry-standard packages. They are engineered to work under a broad range of environmental conditions, making them suitable for use in illumination applications. The wide viewing angle makes them ideal for channel lettering, as well as standard backlighting and illuminating applications. Their flat-top emitting surface allows easy mating of SMD LEDs with light pipes.

Cree surface mount (SMD) LEDs

Choose from round or flat lenses, viewing angles of 60 to 120 degrees, and various colors and luminous intensities.

Wavelengths: 450 nm to 624 nm and white

Typical industries served: High-tech, residential and commercial lighting

Common applications: Video screens, channel lettering, indoor and outdoor signage, decorative lighting, light strips, general backlighting and illumination applications

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