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Line Scan Camera - Linea™

The new Linea™ line scan cameras offer the remarkable performance and features found in Teledyne DALSA’s present lineup of high-end cameras at an unparalleled price point.

The camera, based on the most innovative CMOS line scan technology, uses a 16 k single line 3.5 µm x 3.5 µm pixel array at a 71 kHz maximum line rate. With exceptional speed and sensitivity, Linea outshines the requirements of challenging applications—such as transportation safety, materials grading and inspection, and general purpose machine vision.

Linea is a compact, robust and lightweight camera comprising of several attractive features, including multiple ROI and AOI, multiple user configuration sets, flat-field correction and calibration coefficients for different lighting conditions.

GenICam™ compliant Linea can be set up in an effortless manner and integrated using a GUI, such as Teledyne DALSA’s Sapera™ camera configuration utility CamExpert.

Feature Highlights

  • Low cost and compact
  • Camera Link HS interface
  • High speed: up to 71 kHz
  • 16,384 pixel resolution
Feature Specification
Part Number LA-HM-16K07A
Resolution 16384 x 1
Max. Line Rate 71 kHz
Pixel Size 3.5 µm
Output Format Camera Link HS
Size 76 x 76 x 52.86 mm
Mass < 360 g
Responsivity 80 DN / (nJ / cm2) in 12 bit @ 1x gain

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