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Spectroscopy Probe Couplers and Fiber Optic Probes for In-Line Analytical Analysis

The FlexiSpec® series from art photonics GmbH – is a collection of innovative Fiber Optic Probes and Fiber Probe Couplers designed for in-line analytical analysis in broad spectral range – from UV to Mid-IR.

The FlexiSpec® product line of Immersion Fiber Probes includes Transmission, ATR, Transflection, Fluorescence and Diffuse Reflection probes - all well-matched with any FT-NIR, FT-MIR or dispersion spectrometer, process-photometer, IR-LED or QCL spectral sensor to use in-line for PAT-applications.

The FlexiSpec® Fiber Probe Couplers (FPC) are capable of coupling any FTIR - spectrometer with different fiber optic probes and upgrading it to prevent sampling and to run reaction monitoring in-line. The fiber probe couplers offer high coupling efficiency for ATR-Absorption, Transmission or Reflection process-spectroscopy in a broad spectral range, from UV to Mid-Infrared – in order to use fiber coupled FTIR spectrometer with LN-cooled MCT-detectors, and also with uncooled detectors.

The design of the FlexiSpec® probes is cleanable for many processes where probe optics can be contaminated by media. Industrial probes are compatible with process-interfaces SensoGate-FOS and Ceramat-FOS with approved fittings in order to secure their full or semi automated use in complete process control systems. They can be cleaned, retracted and calibrated during a chemical process in order to enable remote process-control in any gas, liquid or solid mixtures under harsh environmental conditions. Integrated with FTIR or UV/Vis spectrophotometers, art photonics fiber probes facilitate quantitative and qualitative product analysis and help in the determination of specific physical and chemical properties.

Art photonics offers two categories of FlexiSpec® product portfolio: customized and standard. The standard products comprise of pre-configured probes and probe couplers, which can be used in the laboratory, pilot plants or in production. The customized products allow users to custom configure fiber probes and couplers based on their unique process requirements.

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