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The Nomad Portable Optical Profiler for Measuring Larger Surfaces

A portable optical profiler is the ideal solution for measuring the surface of an object that is very large for the measurement stage of a traditional workstation profiler.

ZYGO’s Nomad optical profiler is small and lightweight. It can be placed on the surface that the customer wants to measure. By placing the optical profiler on the surface, risks related to moving/handling a large part, and trying to fixture it for a workstation profiler that was not meant for the task, are prevented.

Powerful Performance – Portable Package

With the Nomad profiler, users do not have to compromise precision for portability. The profiler uses the Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) measurement technology which is similar to the one used in workstation profilers.

Advantages of the CSI technology include:

  • Sub-nanometer measurement accuracy is autonomous of field magnification
  • Non-contact metrology: No risk of part damage
  • Mx™ software allows seamless data exchange with other ZYGO Profilers, including ZeGage, NewView 8000, and Nexview
  • SureScan™ technology enables operation in almost any environment, without the need for vibration isolation equipment
  • Measures polished optics, and a wide range of surface types including stepped, structured, and ground, irrespective of the material

In-Process Measurements

The Nomad profiler provides better efficiency for in-process measurements in certain production environments. The surface of a part can be measured without removing it from the grinding or polishing machine to take it to a QC lab for measurement. It can then be remounted on the machine. Machining or polishing must be complete before removing the part from the production machine.

Docking Station

The included docking station allows the Nomad profiler to be used as a desktop profiler. It also offers a safe place for changing objectives or storing the unit when not in use. Mounting is not necessary. The foot pads of the profiler fit into recesses in the posts of the docking station. Easy in and easy out operation. The docking station’s baseplate is a Metric Breadboard that facilitates easy integration of simple stages, fixtures, etc.

Adaptable to a Wide Variety of Applications

The Nomad portable optical profiler offers a new angle on in-process and large sample metrology. The small size and open design make the Nomad profiler adapt with mounting and simple custom fixtures so as to accommodate additional complex surface applications.

Key Features

The main features of the Nomad portable optical profiler are as follows:

  • Stops risks related to moving/handling large parts
  • Portable and lightweight, with workstation-level performance
  • Prevents challenges of fixturing a bench-top device for oversized samples
  • Can be positioned directly on measured surface with non-marring feet

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