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USB 3 uEye CP – Incredibly Fast, Incredibly Reliable, Incredible Sensors

USB 3 uEye CP – Incredibly Fast, Incredibly Reliable, Incredible Sensors

The newly developed generation of the USB 3 uEye CP makes a designer's heart beat faster because of its innovative housing design, unbeatable performance and high quality. Highlights include the standby mode, which reduces the power consumption in sleep mode to a minimum, and the integrated image buffer with 128 MB, which is ideal for multi-camera applications. With a focus on new and future generations of high-performance CMOS sensors, the USB 3 uEye CP is considered to be a future-proof investment for various applications.


The camera models UI-3160CP, UI-3590CP, UI-3180CP are not supported in the USB 2.0 mode due to the performance of modern sensors. The 2.0 interface does not provide adequate power.


The key advantages of the USB 3 uEye CP are as follows:

  • Optically decoupled trigger and flash, as well as two general purpose I/Os: Many extra features for a wide variety of industrial applications
  • USB 3.0 interface: High data rate of 420 MByte/s, effortless integration and plug and play functionality, ideal for multi-camera and 3D systems
  • Filter glass in front of the image sensor: For protection against dust and dirt and for spectral filtering of the incident light
  • Cable length: Active cable up to 20 m, passive cable up to 8 m available as quality-tested accessories
  • Pixel pipeline: Color models with hardware RGB calculation with up to 36 bits
  • Providing the latest CMOS sensors by Sony, e2v, CMOSIS and ON Semiconductor
  • Effortless integration into existing systems and communication with external peripherals
  • 100 % quality tested and calibrated: For consistent performance and reliability
  • Weighs less than 45 g: Extremely versatile, especially well-suited to embedded systems
  • Compact: Measures only 29 x 29 x 29 mm, perfect for applications with space restrictions
  • Standby mode for minimum power consumption in sleep mode
  • Active cables and fiber optic cables up to 100 m available
  • Serial TTL interface: Suitable for controlling external devices
  • Efficient: Low power consumption


The USB 3 uEye CP cameras have already established their worth especially in the following applications, and yet they are ideally suited to other application fields.

  • Multi-camera systems and 3D applications
  • Logistics
  • Automation: Quality assurance and inspection
  • Astronomy (models with NIR sensor)
  • Automotive industry: Bodywork inspection
  • Packaging industry: Fill quantity analysis, bottle inspection, barcode and OCR recognition
  • Embedded systems
  • Printing industry: Completeness checks, quality assurance, endless web inspection systems
  • Robotics: Guidance/orientation assistance, object type, object and pattern recognition, position, and direction recognition
  • Pharmaceutical industry: OCR, label and barcode recognition, color and completeness checks
  • Other applications: Motion analysis (e.g. sports applications)

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