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2D/3D High Speed Laser – The ProTrak™ HD

The ProTrak™ HD is a 2D/3D high speed laser displacement sensor built to satisfy the most demanding industrial application. This sensor is capable of measuring up to 800 mm at a speed of 6,000 frames per second and up to 2.5 µm resolution.

This sensor is capable of detecting different finishes and shapes and provides users with the measurement accuracy whether with targets on a fast conveyor belt or individual targets. The calibrated line scan output highlights that users need not assemble their own multiple laser/camera system and then analyze how to calibrate it. This laser displacement sensor comprises of unmatched features for a wide range of applications.


The key features of the ProTrak™ HD series are as follows:

  • 12 million measuring points
  • 1 gigabit per second transfer rate
  • 60 mm to 800 mm measuring ranges
  • Up to 6,000 Hz output rate
  • Built-in control panel and display
  • Robot compatible, IP-67
  • Red and blue lasers
  • CE Compliant
  • GbE data rate
  • TCP/IP GbE
  • Ultra fast: 6,000 frames per second
  • Accessories available for harsh environments
  • NI LabVIEW Driver, SDK included
  • Highly precise resolution of up to 2.5 µm
  • Models available from short range to ultra long range
  • Choose from different laser class (3B, 3R or 2M)
  • Electronic components
  • Flush and gap measurement
  • Weld bead/seam tracking
  • Metal profiling
  • Five measurement ranges available
  • Accuracy is independent of environmental light and material variation


ProTrak™ HD

ProTrak™ HD

5 Measurement Ranges Available

  • 60 mm
  • 130 mm
  • 260 mm
  • 520 mm
  • 800 mm

A quad B encoder input is available to sync Y dimension

  • Profiling
  • Thickness
  • Displacement
  • Welding
  • Flatness
  • Alignment
  • Run-out
  • Step height
  • Warpage
  • Fill height
  • Contraction/expansion
  • Absence/presence of product
  • Structural dynamics
  • Adhesive bead inspection
  • Angle measurement
  • Dimensional gauging

Line Scanner Measurement Principles

Line Scanner Measurement Principles

The ProTrak™ HD obtains a two dimensional height profile of target surfaces by using the triangulation principle. A diverging line projected by a laser line generator has a beginning dimension of starting range x and maximum width dimension of end range x. The line is diffusely reflected back onto the CMOS camera array through focusing lenses. The internal electronics then process the CMOS line profile image and an X-Z calibrated array output is made available for the application or display software at a 6kHz update rate. The application software builds a 3D image of the target when the sensor is moved along the target. Synchronization of the motion with X-Z calibrated data is allowed by encoder inputs.

Line Scanner Measurement Principles

Model PT-HD 60/30/52 PT-HD 130/50/110 PT-HD 260/150/230 PT-HD 520/290/455 PT-HD 800/450/720
Start of Range Z mm 70 83 215 390 600
Z Range mm 60 130 260 520 800
Resolution Z µm 2 to 4.9 3.2 to 14 9.6 to 22 17.8 to 43 28 to 67
Start of Range X mm 30 50 150 290 450
X End mm 52 110 230 455 720
Resolution X µm 17 to 26 9.6 to 22 79 to 120 151 to 238 235 to 361
Linearity Z µm 9 13 26 52 80


Model PT-HD 60/30/52 PT-HD 130/50/110 PT-HD 260/150/230 PT-HD 520/290/455 PT-HD 800/450/720
Wave Length 660 nm 405 nm 660 nm 405 nm 660 nm 405 nm 660 nm 405 nm 660 nm 405 nm
Laser Class
2M Product # 8000-1034-060 8000-1035-060 8000-1034-130 8000-1035-130 8000-1034-260 8000-1035-260 8000-1034-520 8000-1035-520 8000-1034-800 8000-1035-800
3R Product # 8000-1036-060 8000-1037-060 8000-1036-130 8000-1037-130 8000-1036-260 8000-1037-260 8000-1036-520 8000-1037-520 8000-1036-800 8000-1036-800
3B Product # N/A 8000-1039-060 N/A 8000-1039-130 N/A 8000-1039-260 N/A 8000-1039-520 N/A 8000-1039-800


A Blue laser profile provides optimal stability and accuracy on a wide range of targets.

A Blue laser profile provides optimal stability and accuracy on a wide range of targets.

The blue laser allows the development of a sharper line image on the 2D sensor. The higher precision profile allows less image blur and higher accuracy, even on targets with wider ranges of reflectivities such as machined or turned metal surfaces.

Additionally, the blue laser is also capable of outperforming red laser light in particular applications such as automotive window to auto frame profiling.

Software Interface

The ProfileTrak™ HD series is provided with a free SDK software and LabVIEW drivers. Each SDK comprises of the DLL for C# and C++.

A free demo program is offered to get the 2D/ 3D sensor functioning instantly on a PC so the user can visualize if a 3D profile or a 2D profile encoder input is provided. Furthermore, the PT-HD series sensors can also function with a majority of GiGE client software such as Halcon, Matlab, and NI LabVIEW.

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