Permasteelisa and ERG Renew Enter Next-Generation Solar Power Sector

ERG Renew (ERG Group) and Permasteelisa will enter into the nextgeneration photovoltaic panels sector through their participation in a cutting edge research and development technological project for the production of non-silicon based solar panels. The objective is to develop over the next four years so-called "organic" photovoltaic cells and to start-up an industrial production line of DSSC panels (Dye Sensitized Solar Cells). This innovative technology utilises light-sensitive organic pigments and nanotechnology to generate electricity. In contrast to traditional models, the new panels will use simpler production processes which utilise less energy, having a reduced environmental impact and lower costs; in addition they are more versatile as they are less sensitive to the angle of solar radiation, which allows them to be installed on vertical walls (for example glass skyscrapers and towers) or in places with indirect sunlight. They are transparent and may utilise different colours, thus improving on the architectural integration of silicon.

The Universities of Rome Tor Vergata, Ferrara and Turin will be research partners in the project. The Australia company Dyesol will also be involved, through its subsidiary Dyesol Italia, leader in the sector for the supply of materials and technologies.

On completion of the research, ERG Renew and Permasteelisa will commence, exclusively, the production and marketing of these next-generation panels which based on cost, efficiency and duration are more competitive than the traditional silicon technology.

The total investment of the project is over Euro 10 million, in which ERG Renew and Permasteelisa will contribute approx. Euro 2.5 million each and Dyesol approx. Euro 1.5 million. The project also intends to avail of the “Industria 2015” programme which provides state financing for research projects aimed at energy efficiency through the use of innovative technologies.

For ERG Renew, the participation in this important research and development project in the solar energy sector, which will launch the company as a major player in the production and sale of innovative photovoltaic panels, is an important step and part of the growth strategy in the renewable sector.

The Permasteelisa Group has always placed a strong emphasis on its research projects which, like this project, have the potential to contribute to the creation and production of new generation and energy proactive construction materials

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