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DENTSPLY GAC Offers Picasso Laser System for Improved Dental Treatments

DENTSPLY International declared the acquisition of AMD Lasers, the manufacturer of the Picasso line of lasers during the end of 2011. This AMD Lasers acquisition is an integration of a renowned name in orthodontics and a pioneer in dental/medical laser technology.

Introducing Picasso Lasers from DENTSPLY GAC

The Picasso line of lasers will have its subsequent delivery by April 2012, where DENTSPLY GAC will supply it to the orthodontists.

According to the Director of Marketing, John Kringel, orthodontists are the firm’s most important customers and the innovative products from DENTSPLY will ensure their patients with a supreme clinical care. By incorporating the laser into the orthodontic operatory, the orthodontist can have improved precision over the procedure than with other traditional methods. In addition, the patient can have access to a ‘one-stop’ solution. Both Picasso lasers are capable of executing a complete range of soft-tissue treatment procedures such as revealing impacted teeth, gingival re-contouring, and frenectomies. In addition, it ensures minimal infections, bleeding, and swelling without compromising on comfort and convenience.

The Picasso and Picasso Lite are considered as unique diode lasers that combines both low-cost disposable tips and strippable fiber delivery methods. Each method involves push-button operation, backed by broad line of training and CE. The Picasso Lite is capable of performing all soft-tissue procedures by using a robust 2.5 W of peak power. The standard Picasso produces brilliant 7.0 W, through which an improved laser treatment can be implemented for teeth whitening and other dental practices.


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