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New Revolutionary Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

Ohio-based Dr. Donald Novotny currently offers Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) Laser Gum Surgery to patients based in Huron.

Dr. Donald J. Novotny - Huron, Ohio Dentist Introducing Revolutionary Laser to Treat Gum Disease

This revolutionary method can ensure treatment of periodontal disease without the need for sutures or scalpels and can be implemented as an effective alternative to traditional periodontal gum surgery. The periodontal disease is often considered to be complicated as gum diseases can impact pancreas and heart, and involve risks such as premature or low-birth-weight babies. However, traditional periodontal disease treatments are invasive and cause pain.

Traditional periodontal gum treatment procedures are done invasively using scalpels and sutures. Removal of periodontal disease from the mouth involves cutting the gums and cleaning the tooth’s root area, followed by incising the diseased gum tissue and leaving behind the healthy one. The procedure ends with suturing of gums. The patients complain of moderate to severe post-surgery pain. As this procedure involves trimming of gums, a lower gum line post-surgery is required, which is associated with aesthetic issues and high sensitivity to cold or hot.

Dr. Novotny offers LANAP Laser Treatment for gum disease without cutting or suturing the patient’s gums. This revolutionary laser alternative eliminates the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease. This termination is effectuated with the help of light wavelengths that can differentiate between diseased and healthy tissue. This procedure is more convenient and causes very little gum recession. Dr. Novotny offers this LANAP Laser periodontal disease treatment, which is not painful as traditional surgery and is executed well in advance to any loss of tooth or bone. This minimally invasive revolutionary laser procedure is the first to be approved by FDA and shows promising outcomes.


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