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BulbAmerica to Introduce a New Range of Organic LED Light Bulbs

Over the years, incandescent bulbs have been the traditional light bulbs serving household and commercial lighting. These incandescent bulbs with flame shaped configuration were used as electric candles in schools, homes, and stores, especially during winters.

OLED Lighting panels

Analysis on creating new energy efficient OLED (Organic LED) lights illustrate that these white light OLEDs with excellent energy-efficiency and quality, will surpass the incandescent bulbs.

BulbAmerica, the wholesale supplier in America providing quality light bulbs and lighting fixtures, has a comprehensive portfolio of incandescent bulbs that are capable of delivering convenient and brilliant light were demanded by several customers. However, the incandescent light bulbs are currently being replaced by halogen light bulbs as they demonstrate increased energy efficiency.

According to a lighting expert at, although the company has a broad variety of comprehensive incandescent light bulbs, it anticipates replacing the incandescent light bulbs with OLEDs that are capable of generating bright white-light color quality with minimal power utilization. These OLEDs are made up of many layers of organic materials with various electrical properties. In order to construct white light OLED, scientists from Dresden University of Technology in Germany integrated four individual emitter layers of green, red, blue, and yellow, thereby optimizing the color to fill up the visible spectrum. will soon commercialize these energy-efficient OLEDs with high color stability and improved dimmability. By delivering such high energy efficient lighting products, the company can minimize the carbon footprint that will ultimately result in reduced energy-costs.


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