Luxtera Delivers One-Millionth Silicon CMOS Photonics

Luxtera, a global pioneer in Silicon CMOS Photonics, recently declared that it has exported the company’s one-millionth 10 Gbit channel.

Besides leveraging the company’s capability to cater to the requirements of high performance computing (HPC) on a larger scale, this achievement establishes the increasing demand for Silicon Photonics in existing computer clusters and mission critical data centers. Furthermore, the evolution of Silicon Photonics as the advanced interconnect with 10 PB of transceiver bandwidth has also been represented.

Luxtera’s significant features include its expansion of Silicon CMOS Photonics technology ahead of research labs to financial institutions, super-computing clusters, and mission critical servers; its utilization of one-millionth Silicon CMOS Photonic channel indicates the company’s growth and its improved capability to furnish the next generation networking platforms and advanced computing. Luxtera’s Silicon CMOS Photonics has been demonstrated to be highly versatile compared to other alternative conventional optics technology such as vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs).

Luxtera is an IP contributor and supplier of Silicon CMOS Photonics and provides Silicon Photonics shipping in considerable commercial quantity. The technology advances to maintain and establish the increasing bandwidth requirements in HPC equipment, advanced cloud computing and datacenters. Silicon Photonics delivers an affordable, versatile solution that is more efficient than traditional technologies like VCSELs. Silicon Photonics, with these outstanding features, serves as a key solution in research labs and universities, particularly in IBM and Intel. The technology also facilitates building computers at an exascale (1018 byte) level.


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