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LightPath Technologies Introduces Mid-Wave Infrared Aspheric Lens for Quantum Cascade Laser Applications

LightPath Technologies, which produces, supplies, and integrates patented optical assemblies and parts, has introduced a Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) aspheric lens for infrared applications.

MWIR/LWIR collimating lenses

The new MWIR lens is developed for the Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) applications as a collimating lens. The QCLs are employed in numerous applications such as gas analytical tool for environmental analysis and infrared countermeasures. Due to the reduction in cost of ownership for systems, the usage of QCLs and related infrared optics in various applications are expanding swiftly.

The MWIR lens offers unique optical criteria, including NA of 0.56 and a diameter of 7 mm. In comparison with the existing MWIR aspheric lenses, the new lens allows systems to attain huge collimated beams, resulting in improved system performance. LightPath uses its Black Diamond chalcogenide glass for the production of the new MWIR lenses, enabling them to be an economical substitute for the diamond-turned, mass-produced zinc selenide and germanium optics.

According to the President and Chief Executive Officer at LightPath Technologies, Jim Gaynor, the market for infrared optics applications is now more than $2.5 billion. The company will introduce more infrared optics to meet the demands of this expanding market, he added. The company’s Black Diamond infrared material and its expertise in laser collimation optics would assist its growth in the infrared business, he said.


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