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ILX Lightwave Introduces LDP-3832 Pulsed Quantum Cascade Laser Driver

ILX Lightwave has rolled out a new quantum cascade laser (QCL) driver that offers a maximum peak current of 5A with a maximum compliance voltage of 20 V.

The LDP-3832 has adaptable pulse widths ranging between 10 ns and 1 µs. It is ideal for quantum cascade lasers that are utilized in absorption spectroscopy applications.

LDP-3832 QCL Driver

The LDP-3832 QCL driver incorporates a 500 mA DC current source with a bandwidth of over 10 kHz to bias the laser. The driver’s design assures pulse width control and highly repeatable pulse to the pulse amplitude. The design also maintains overshoot of less than 5%. The device’s laser guard features include safety interlocks, floating outputs, transient protection, and firmware current limits.

The output and input trigger functions can initiate external measurements and control current pulses without the requirement for programming. The USB and IEEE/GPIB 488.2 computer interfaces enable convenient control and programming in automated test systems where accurate and repeatable data handling, measurements, and test sequencing is needed.


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