Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras

Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of both the image acquisition and image processing technologies for DSCs
  • Explains both CCD and CMOS image sensors in detail, from operating principles to specific sensors
  • Details evaluation methods for image sensors and image processing
  • Presents the algorithms used by the software and hardware in a DSC and discusses quality-related standards
  • Features a look to the future, written by Eric Fossum, the pioneer of CMOS active pixel image sensor technology, that explores a linear extrapolation of current technologies, a new paradigm for image sensors, and future DSC concepts
  • Includes a 20-page full-color insert

Shrinking pixel sizes along with improvements in image sensors, optics, and electronics have elevated DSCs to levels of performance that match, and have the potential to surpass, that of silver-halide film cameras. Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras captures the current state of DSC image acquisition and signal processing technology and takes an all-inclusive look at the field, from the history of DSCs to future possibilities.

The first chapter outlines the evolution of DSCs, their basic structure, and their major application classes. The next few chapters discuss high-quality optics that meet the requirements of better image sensors, the basic functions and performance parameters of image sensors, and detailed discussions of both CCD and CMOS image sensors. The book then discusses how color theory affects the uses of DSCs, presents basic image processing and camera control algorithms and examples of advanced image processing algorithms, explores the architecture and required performance of signal processing engines, and explains how to evaluate image quality for each component described. The book closes with a look at future technologies and the challenges that must be overcome to realize them.

With contributions from many active DSC experts, Image Sensors and Image Processing for Digital Still Cameras offers unparalleled real-world coverage and opens wide the door for future innovation.

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