Andor Launches iXon Life for Fluorescence Microscopy – EMCCD Performance at sCMOS Price

Andor Technology (Andor), an Oxford Instruments company and world leader in scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions, today announced the launch of the new ultrasensitive iXon Life Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) camera platform, exclusively for fluorescence microscopy. Featuring single photon sensitive, back-illuminated EMCCD technology and overclocked to market leading frame rate performance, iXon Life is uniquely available within a highly accessible price bracket, normally associated with lower cost back-illuminated sCMOS technology.  

Available in 1024 x 1024 and 512 x 512 sensor formats, back-illuminated to deliver the highest and broadest QE of any microscopy camera and deep cooled down to -80°C for minimal darkcurrent, iXon Life represents a way to access the ultimate detector technology for single molecule biophysics and low-light live cell microscopy, in a distinctly budget friendly platform.

iXon Life EMCCD facilitates the use of the lowest possible excitation power while maintaining superb signal to noise ratio, thus minimizing phototoxic effects. Furthermore, in fluorescence microscopy’s ongoing drive to push to lower and lower fluorophore concentrations in order not to perturb the physiology of the living cells being studied, no other camera technology is this suited to preserving your cell’s physiological behaviour over extended periods of measurement. The EMCCD remains the ultimate detector for single molecule biophysics laboratories. Single molecule experiments present us with the considerable challenge of harnessing the limited photon budget from dynamic, individual fluorescent molecules, while also avoiding photobleaching. Andor iXon EMCCDs continue to radically out-perform sCMOS detectors in this most demanding of light starved application areas.

Dr Colin Coates, Andor’s Imaging Product Manager

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Andor is a global leader in the pioneering and manufacturing of high performance scientific imaging cameras, spectroscopy solutions and microscopy systems for research and OEM markets. Andor has been innovating the photonics industry for over 20 years and continues to set the standard for high performance light measuring solutions, enabling its customers to break new ground by performing light measurements previously considered impossible. Andor’s digital cameras, are allowing scientists around the world to measure light down to a single photon and capture events occurring within 1 billionth of a second.

Andor now has over 400 staff across 16 offices worldwide, distributing products to over 10,000 customers in 55 countries. Andor’s products are used in a wide range of applications including medical research to further the understanding of heart disease, cancer and neuronal diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Andor also has applications for forensic science and astronomy. Through continuous dialogue with customers and strong teamwork, Andor continues to innovate ground-breaking products that improve the world in which we live.

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