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Comparison of Thermal Imaging Cameras and IR Thermometers by FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems has recently published an article related to the benefits of utilizing a thermal imaging camera as opposed to an Infrared thermometer, particularly for non-contact temperature measurement over a wide range of scientific and industrial research and development applications.

FLIR Systems, Inc.: thermal imaging scan

For single-spot temperature readings, Infrared (IR) thermometers are quite useful and reliable. However, while scanning large systems or areas, one can easily miss out key components that may have malfunctioned and need to be replaced or repaired. A FLIR thermal imaging camera, on the other hand, is capable of scanning the entire panels, components, or systems simultaneously, and does not miss any overheating risks regardless of size.  Thermal imaging camera, which has an image resolution equivalent to utilizing innumerable number of IR thermometer together, enables users to detect thermal problems easily, quickly and accurately.

In R&D applications, FLIR infrared cameras are utilized to capture and record thermal distribution and changes in real time. This feature enables researchers and engineers to view and precisely determine temperature factors such as heat dissipation, leakage and patterns in both products and processes. FLIR infrared cameras are designed to make out temperature variations as small as 0.02C.These cameras are integrated with advanced detector technology and algorithms to allow accurate and high-performance measurements from 180C to 3000C.

The latest versions of FLIR R&D thermal cameras provide high imaging performance and accurate temperature measurements. They are cost-effective and include advanced software and tools for analysing and reporting.

FLIR specializes in designing and manufacturing thermal imaging systems and subsystems for commercial, scientific, industrial, and fire-fighting applications. The company is a pioneer in infrared technology and has sales offices and development facilities in more than 60 countries.

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