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Training Course on Optical Gas Imaging by FLIR Systems

The FLIR Systems Infrared Training Centre (ITC) has introduced a specific training course, which will be held from September 4 to 6 in West Malling, Kent, UK, on optical gas imaging to be able to identify gas leaks.

The course will offer insight on why certain VOCs seem like a visible cloud within the thermal image and will offer tips on onsite safety and reporting methods. This course will be apt for those owning an optical gas imaging camera as well as for whoever is interested to use this instrument in their facility.

FLIR Systems is a company dealing with commercialization of thermal imaging cameras across a range of wavelengths in the infrared spectrum. This has resulted in several significant developments, which include applying infrared to gas detection. This technology can visualize and document gas leaks and is gaining worldwide acceptance. Since the popularity of the technology has significantly increased, in UK as well as the rest of Europe, the FLIR Systems Infrared Training Center has included a specific training course on this technology.

The optical gas imaging thermal camera is a non-contact rapid measuring instrument, which can visualize volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hence is very useful to identify dangerous gas leaks. It can identify tiny leaks from a few meters distance and big leaks from a distance of 100 m. Leaks on moving vehicles can also be identified, which greatly enhances the plant and inspector safety. Another benefit is that systems need not be shut down during inspection and it is possible to carry out measurements rapidly and remotely.


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