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Thermo Fisher Scientific Exhibits NanoDrop Lite UV-Vis Microvolume Spectrophotometer at Pittcon 2012

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a UV-Vis microvolume spectrophotometer, Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Lite, in line with NanoDrop 2000/2000c and NanoDrop 8000 equipment.

The tiny equipment can speed the workflows related to antibody production, PCR/qPCR, isolation of proteins, HLA typing, DNA sequencing and more. The equipment will be exhibited at Pittcon 2012 in booth 2665, which is being held in Orlando from March 11-15, 2012.

Comparatively, NanoDrop Lite is faster and measures reproducible microvolumes precisely. The samples can be measured without dilution. The sample retention technology, which is normally used in NanoDrop equipment, has been applied in NanoDrop Lite as well. The equipment’s surface can be cleaned during each sample measurement. An optional docking printer, which can print adhesive labels that are freezer-compatible, and a local control are featured in the equipment.

The NanoDrop Lite equipment will fit well with the workflow of the customer’s laboratory. When compared to NanoDrop 2000 and 8000, scientists can carry out higher number of measurements using the new Lite equipment.

Even small quantities like 1 to 2 µL of protein or nucleic acid samples can be measured using the equipment. A nucleic acid ratio of 260/280 can also be measured.

Reinhold Mischau from PEQLAB Biotechnologie said that NanoDrop Lite is the first local-control equipment and the wait for a tool that offers rapid measurement is over.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers services to hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, environmental and process control industries, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities and research institutions and to government agencies.


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