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NT-MDT Announces First Winner of Their ProIMAGE Contest 2011

AFM-image “Quantum accordion” collected 3181 votes; and the author Dr. Dmitry Sviridov became the winner of September!

In September NT-MDT's traditional competition of AFM scans - the ProIMAGE Contest 2011 began! They received 47 interesting scientific images which struggled for leadership in September round.

NT-MDT are glad to announce the winner of the month and the TOP-10 that reached the final.

According to the web-site voting, the winner of September was Dr. Dmitry Sviridov, (Russia). He will get $1000 certificate for the scan "Quantum accordion".

The AFM image “Quantum accordion” collected 3181 votes. This image was obtained in scanning spreading resistance microscopy (SSRM) mode at -3 V sample dc bias. It represents the near-surface distribution of the electrical properties of the undoped GaInP/AlGaInP multiple quantum well heterostructure cleavage. Quantum well region (7 nm thick GaInP QWs (red) separated by 400 nm thick AlGaInP barrier layers (yellow)) was grown between two AlAs /AlGaAs distributed Bragg reflectors (blue) by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) on the GaAs substrate. The current value in the QWs was larger than in the barriers due to differences in resistivity and Schottky barrier height at the tip-sample interface.

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