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Non-Contact Optical Profiler for Measurement of Precision Machined Parts

Zemetrics, Inc., a Zygo Corporation company, introduces the ZeGage™ non-contact optical profiler for quantitative shop floor measurements of 3D form and roughness on precision machined surfaces.

The ZeGage profiler eliminates the need for vibration isolation or specialized enclosures, resulting in footprint reduction, cost savings and increased ease of use. The industry-ready design produces fast, accurate metrology in a compact, cost-effective package.

The ZeGage™ non-contact optical profiler from Zemetrics.

The ZeGage proprietary SureScan™ technology enables high precision non-contact surface metrology while providing fast and accurate measurements in vibration-prone factory floor production environments.

Additionally, the ZeGage profiler offers an easy to use through-the-lens focus aid for rapid part setup, and a heavy-duty sample stage with standard T-slots for part fixturing and optimal gage-capable metrology. System versatility and areal measurements are enhanced with a wide range of field-of-view options, including manual or motorized turret options for mounting multiple imaging lenses. A standard high-resolution 1 million pixel image sensor provides excellent surface detail and visualization.

Windows®-based ZeMaps™ analysis software, included with the ZeGage profiler, provides extensive 2D and 3D data analysis including form, step-height, and ISO/DIS 25178 compliant surface roughness parameters. ZeMaps™ interactive visualization tools enable fast, easy and thorough process characterization for a wide variety of surface metrology applications.

Commenting on the ZeGage profiler functionality, John Roth, Zygo’s Director, Profiler Marketing, said “The ZeGage profiler is a major advance in 3D optical metrology, delivering performance, price and productivity to a wide range of industries, enabling the transition from contact, 2D instruments to the next-generation of affordable non-contact, 3D instruments. This system offers superior ease-of-use, speed, repeatability and accuracy, without surface contact or concern for environmental vibrations. With these unique advantages, the ZeGage profiler outperforms incumbent and competing technologies such as mechanical stylus profilometers.”

With applications in industrial manufacturing, R&D, quality inspection, failure analysis and more, the ZeGage profiler provides advanced surface metrology for control of precision machining and micro-molding processes across a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical and consumer electronics.


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