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New Macro Lenses for FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions has announced two high performance macro lens for use with their FLIR SC645 and FLIR SC655 thermal imaging cameras.

Available in a choice of 2.9x and 5.8x magnification the new FLIR Close-up Lens enable accurate temperature readings of small objects such as fuses, printed circuit boards and analysis of very small components and processes.

FLIR thermal imaging camera with high performace macro lens.

The 2.9x close-up lens can resolve elements as small as 50 microns within a field-of-view of 32 x 24 mm (40 mm diagonal). The 5.8x close-up lens operates over a larger field-of-view (64 x 48 mm, 80 mm diagonal) and can resolve elements as small as 100 microns. The new close-up lens are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are easily connected to your FLIR thermal imaging camera.

The FLIR SC645 and FLIR SC655 are high-resolution uncooled infrared cameras that offer high sensitivity and high functionality in a revolutionary design. Both cameras boast a 640x480 pixel IR resolution as well as GigE and USB 2.0 HS compatibility. This combination makes the FLIR SC645 and FLIR SC655 the most effective tools available for infrared research, product development and non-destructive testing applications. The FLIR SC645 and FLIR SC655 cameras provide the perfect tools to enable you to capture and record thermal distribution and variations in real time, so you can see and accurately quantify heat patterns, dissipation, leakage, and other heat-related factors in equipment, products and processes.

For further information please contact FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions on [email protected] or telephone +33-1-6037-0100.

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