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Lighting Science Group Issues Statement Highlighting Energy Efficiency and LED Light Bulbs

In an effort to pass the Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, H.R 2417, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Lighting Science Group, Jim Haworth issued a statement, which stressed on the importance of energy efficiency and LED bulbs.

The issued statement explains that for achieving a sustainable future, energy efficiency is a cost-effective and powerful tool and advancements in energy efficiency can significantly reduce fuel prices, provide better consumer welfare, increase competitiveness, decrease emission of greenhouse gases and reduce the need for investing in energy infrastructure.

Up to 19% of the energy used worldwide is accounted by lighting. United States consumes 22 % of the energy sources for lighting. Commercial and public buildings consume 60%. Reports suggest that over 80 % of offices use inefficient and outdated lighting systems and 15 % of electricity used in every household is consumed for lighting.

Lighting Science Group and other manufacturing companies are dedicated to developing lighting products that deliver long lasting and ultra-efficient LED technology, which helps the governments, businesses and consumers save money.

The statement also highlighted that in June 2011, Lighting Science Group became the first company in the United States to produce 2 million LED-based bulbs within a year. The LED bulbs manufactured will annually save up to 280 million kW hours and electricity costs amounting to $34 million.

The statement also requested the Congress to reject efforts, which will increase energy bills of the nation and increase air pollution by not rolling back energy efficiency standards.


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