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Cutting-Edge Thin-Film Optical Filters

DELTA is a world-leading manufacturer of optical thin film coatings, with more than fifty years of experience. In this interview, AZoOptics talks to Dr. Oliver Pust, DELTA's Business Development Manager for optical thin film filters, about DELTA's products, technologies, and plans for the future.

Can you give us a brief overview of DELTA's products and technologies?

You can consider DELTA as a broadly positioned engineering and consulting company with a wide range of testing facilities. We help our customer develop their ideas to meet the market and test their products for real life applications. DELTA supports its customers within electronics, micro-electronics, light & optics and acoustics. In micro-electronics and light & optics DELTA runs its own production facilities.

What unique capabilities do you have in the field of thin-film filters that make you stand out from other manufacturers?

We have proprietary design and simulation software which we use in the development of our thin film filters. This allows us to design filters that otherwise would be out of reach. In production of our thin film products we do not rely on standard software for the control of our Advanced Plasma Source (APS) coaters but again deploy our own monitoring and control schemes. This makes it possible to produce filters of a quality level higher than can be achieved with the widely used Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) technique at larger volumes, which in turn allows us to offer more attractive prices.

Thin-Film Linear Variable Filters from DELTA
Thin-Film Linear Variable Filters from DELTA

What novel applications are made possible by this unique thin-film filter technology which can't be achieved using classical interference optics?

Our unique thin-film filter technology has revolutionised and set new standards for Linear Variable Filters (LVF). Unlike many other LVF our filters are non-absorbing and can be used with strong light sources, for example as wavelength selectors for recently very popular supercontinuum lasers. On the other hand LVF are used instead of or complementing diffractive optics in spectrometers. Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI) is another field with growing interest in our filter technology.

What sort of customers are best placed to take advantage of these capabilities?

DELTA focuses on long lasting relations to OEM customers who are interested in using the latest filter technologies at attractive prices and who want to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. Also end users will of course benefit from DELTA driving forward the filter technology.

What other optical components benefit from your thin-film technology?

In addition to our LVF range, we have also applied our thin-film knowledge to more classical optical products like fluorescence filter sets.

What are the plans for DELTA in the near future?

We aim to extend the wavelength range of our LVFs towards the infrared to make them applicable in even more applications, for example the huge food processing market. At the same time we will raise the transmission level of our Linear Variable Bandpass Filter to even higher values. For many applications structured coatings will become more relevant in the future.

With recently hired resources in the US and appointed distributers in Asia, DELTA will also strengthen its global outreach and be present in all the important markets around the globe.

Where can we find more information about DELTA?

We maintain a comprehensive website, at that showcases the range of our products with detailed spectral specifications, presentations and instructive movies. Helpful application notes for our LVF are available on request. You can also write to us at [email protected].

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