3D Analysis and Measurement of MicroLens Arrays

Microlens Arrays are a comparatively new technology extensively used for waveguides, optical switching and DWDM. The metrology needs of determination of form errors at the submicron level and surface finish at the Angstrom level are really demanding, as individual lenses are as small as 15µm. This requirement is satisfied by the Talysurf CCI 6000 with its superior specifications.


3D Analysis Software

TalyMap 3D Analysis Software has been specifically developed for the metrology industry and features a variety of operations such as levelling by least square line removal, zoom, filtering, rotations, symmetries, threshold setting and cylindrical, spherical or polynomial form removal and more. 2D profiles can also be generated and exported to the Aspherics Analysis Utility discussed below.


Software for Aspherics Analysis

Taylor Hobson's excellent algorithm capability allows detailed analysis of aspheric optics. PGI Aspherics Systems are supplied with Surface Finish Parameters, Form Error, SAG Tables, Radius Optimisation, and Astigmatism Analysis features. An excellent Derived Coefficients module, which allows the direct calculation of aspheric data from the component, is also available with the software.

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Taylor Hobson

Taylor Hobson is an ultra-precision technology company operating at the highest levels of accuracy within the field of surface and form metrology. They provide contact and non-contact measurement solutions to the most demanding applications on a global basis, with a worldwide infrastructure to support our clients, wherever they may be.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Taylor Hobson.

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