Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Camera - A Guide to the Goldeye G-033

The Gold level award was presented to Allied Vision’s Goldeye G-033 short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera at the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards ceremony during the 2015 Automate Show in Chicago, Illinois.

The Gold level award is given to products considered as the year’s top developments in the machine vision sector. Acquiring such an award would imply that the Goldeye G-033 short-wave infrared (SWIR) camera was one of 2015’s best innovations.

Experts from system integrator and end-user companies made up the judging panel.

Allied Vision received Vision Systems Design 2015 Innovators Award for the Goldeye G-033 SWIR.

Allied Vision received Vision Systems Design 2015 Innovators Award for the Goldeye G-033 SWIR.

Goldeye G-033 SWIR

The Goldeye G-033 SWIR is the smallest and fastest GigE Vision SWIR camera currently available in the market. The device couples its small form with high performance, enabling the camera to be efficiently integrated with other applications.

The Goldeye G-033 SWIR

The Goldeye G-033 SWIR

On behalf of the Vision Systems Design Innovator Awards, Alan Bergstein, Vision Systems Design’s publisher, relayed a congratulatory message to Allied Vision with regards to its Gold award. According to the publisher, the Goldeye G-033 SWIR served as a realization of an innovative solution needed in the image processing industry, and the unbiased awards ceremony recognizes the device’s contribution in various fields.

The Goldeye G-033 is designed to deliver more than 300 fps at full resolution. The very high frame rate of the Goldeye G-033 makes it a stand-out product from all other infrared cameras that feature InGaAs sensors.

The Goldeye G-033 is a preferred device for a number of challenging applications that require high speed because of its easy-to-use functions. For instance, a frame rate of more than 950 fps could be achieved by lowering the resolution to QVGA (320 x 240). Applications of the Goldeye G-033 include plastic sorting through hyperspectral imaging and in-line inspection, including hot-end glass inspection.


Allied Vision’s President and CEO, Frank Grube, happily thanked the awarding body and juries for choosing the Goldeye G-033 as a Gold level awardee. He further shared that this achievement showcased Allied Vision’s dedication in developing high-performance infrared imaging for scientific and industrial applications.

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