Contact and Non-Contact Solutions for Clearer Vision

Intra-ocular lenses (IOLs) offer good, natural vision quickly following cataract surgery. They last for the remainder of a patient’s life and can now correct either far or near vision or a combination of both. They are also able to correct for astigmatism.

intraocular lenses

Taylor Hobson offers contact and non-contact solutions to measure IOLs and IOL molds, minimizing the difference in lens power and offering better control during manufacture.

Anatomy of the eye showing astigmatism

Anatomy of the eye showing astigmatism

Asphero-Diffractive Analysis Software

Taylor Hobson’s TalyMap and Asphero-diffractive analysis software can be used for

  • Predicting errors in the power of the final lens – by radius measurement
  • Improving diffractive lens efficiency – by analysis of step height and surface finish
  • Improving lens performance – by analysis of aspheric form error and roughness

Product Solutions

  • CCI
  • Form Talysurf PGI
  • AAU software
  • TalyMap software

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