OLED Technology for Medical Displays and Monitors

Shutterstock | Africa Studio

The ease of deployment and user friendliness of OLED technology has seen several Raystar OLED modules,  available from Pacer, deployed in medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors.

The medical sector generates some challenging environments – displays must be durable, and easy to read quickly in stressful situations.

Varitronix has added a new 5 inch capacitive touch panel which easily detects light movements from a finger or capacitive stylus across the surface. Operation is possible with a regular glove or a medical glove, including in wet conditions. Fast response times, high transparency, a wide operating temperature range of -30 to +85 and a robust interface make the panel ideal for challenging environments.

The panel is durable, and can easily be made vandal-proof and scratch resistant with the addition of glass. The panel supports multi-touch up to a maximum of 10 points, and no calibration is required.

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