Round, Square and Letterbox OLEDs are Expected to Replace LCDs in Industrial Applications

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The introduction of round, square and letterbox OLEDs has led to increased use of this technology in industrial markets.

OLEDs perform exceptionally well at extremely low temperatures with very little degradation of response time, making them a viable alternative to LCD in many industrial applications.

OLED technology is expected to gradually become an alternative choice to Monochrome LCD in applications such as instrumentation, measurement equipment, current analysers, bench top equipment, industrial handheld monitors, ticketing machines and vending machines. The Internet of Things opens up yet more opportunities.

The ultra-thin lightweight nature of OLED displays and their extremely low power consumption make them popular for handheld products such as data loggers and monitors, pistol grip thermometers, laser range finders, handheld instruments and handheld meters.

They are also ideal for the emerging trend of wearable technology, such as mp3 players; recent additions to Raystar Optronics' OLED range, available via Pacer, include several modules with diagonal size less than an inch. These bright emissive displays perform well in diving watches, performance swimming monitors and other underwater applications - in the right waterproof housing!

Raystar is leading the way in bringing round OLED displays to the industrial market, having invested heavily in new technologies.

The Raystar screens that Pacer distribute offer character OLEDs with format 8x2, 16x2, 20x2, 20x4 and 40x2 characters which can replace traditional STN displays as they share the same 16 pin footprint. Graphic modules available are 96x64, 128x64 and 256x64, from 0.91" to ~6" diameter, and the company also offers an unusual 5.5" letterbox OLED - the largest passive matrix (PM) OLED available for the general industrial market.

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