The Key Benefits of Multi-Tap CCD Sensors

Multi-tap CCD sensors were designed to achieve faster frame rates from CCD sensors. They are now increasingly available in the market.

Multi-tap CCD sensor

Multi-tap CCD sensor

Key Features of Multi-Tap CCD Sensors

The image frame is split into two or more areas by the multi-tap CCD structure and these areas are clocked out in parallel. An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is required for each sensor tap, with its own dedicated amplifier.

For each tap, the corresponding circuitry exhibits unique electronic performance characteristics, which affect the output consistency between taps. Therefore, tap matching/balancing algorithms are essential in order to achieve a uniform image.

There are various approaches available to implement tap matching. As a result, the tap matching technology can be entirely different even in the case of using the same multi-tap sensor by two camera manufacturers.


Appropriate tap matching must provide homogeneity across the entire image. Engineers at Lumenera have created calibration tools to obtain the optimum tap matching performance under a range of conditions.

The tap matching process from Lumenera covers a broad temperature range and gain range, and is distinctive to each camera, thus providing optimal balancing of the taps and a quality image.

All Lumenera cameras featuring multi-tap sensors are intended to utilize all of the available taps in order to make use of the sensor capabilities. The images can be rapidly readout off the sensor owing to multi-tap modes, thus minimizing blur for high-speed targets.


Lumenera supplies a range of cameras designed to optimize the output of multi-tap sensors. The company is proud on the quality of images achievable with its cameras.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Lumenera Corporation.

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