Sci-in Tech

PO Box 1437
NJ, 08542-1437
United States
PH: 1 (609) 466 0639
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Company Background

Sci-in Tech has over 30 years of experience in assembly techniques, inventing, designing, and offering any type of fabrication. Conceptual design with 3-D CAD software allows quick prototyping. High performance vacuum and thermoelectric cooling, precision assembly and components offer a variety of CCD's to be used.

Standard types of manufacturing used are:

  • Instrument maker machining services using extremely close tolerances, 3D profiling, EDM, Chemical machining, grinding, lapping, and more.
  • Prototyping and regular components from typical and exotic materials of metals, plastics, ceramics and precious metals.
  • Use of standard or custom components and materials in vacuum system technology.
  • Welding and vacuum brazing of similar and dissimilar materials.
  • Custom optomechanical components with lenses and mirrors

These services can offer unusually quick turnaround times with cosmetically attractive components and very competitive pricing of single components or assemblies.