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The X-Scan H01 Series for Non-Destructive Testing

The X-Scan H01 Series for Non-Destructive Testing

The X-Scan H01 series provides superior image quality with careful material selection, and optimized photodiode and electronics designs. The high absorption scintillator material and accurately matching photodiode, and readout electronics enable exceptional X-ray sensitivity.

X-Scan H provides low ring artifacts with uniform and linear X-ray response, together with the wide dynamic range. Scatter effects are eliminated effectively with a unique pixel separation design and minimized pixel-to-pixel crosstalk.

This digital end-to-end solution is built on an established concept enabling effortless integration, and accelerated development time of X-ray systems. X-Scan H series has high radiation hardness extending the lifetime of detectors significantly, and decreasing total costs. The series is available in varied standard lengths effortlessly scalable to a wide range of configurations.


  • Easily scalable, standard lengths available for different configurations
  • The best-in-class image quality
    • Low ring artifacts by uniform and linear X-ray response, together with wide dynamic range
    • Low pixel-to-pixel cross-talk with unique pixel separation design eliminating scatter effects
    • Exceptional X-ray sensitivity by high absorption scintillator material with matching photodiode, and readout
  • High radiation hardness, enabling prolonged detector lifetime, and reduced total cost
  • End-to-end detector solution built on an established concept
  • The best-in-class image quality
  • Based on a digital platform

Key Features

The main features of the X-Scan H01 series are as follows:

  • Diagnostic functions
  • Dynamic range >16000
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Pixel pitch options: 0.4 mm and 0.2 mm
  • X-ray source energy range: 225 - 800 kVp
  • Scintillator material pixelated CdWO4
  • Easy software design based on DT X-View2 software and development kit


The main applications of the X-Scan H01 series include:

  • Digital radiography (DR)
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Industrial CT
  • Industries like mining, defense, automotive, aerospace, gas and oil

General Characteristics

PRODUCT X-Scan H0102 X-Scan H0104
X-ray tube voltage Vp range 225 - 800 kVp
Scintillator material Pixelated CdWO4
Scintillator thickness 3.15 mm
Active area lengths 256, 512, 614, 820, 922 mm
Pixel pitch (spacing) 0.2 mm 0.4 mm
Pixel size (photodiode) 0.15 x 0.8 mm 0.32 x 0.6 mm
Pixel area (scintillator) 0.1 x 1.57 mm 0.25 x 1.57 mm
Scanning speed, continuous mode
Maximum scanning speed 67 cm/s 200 cm/s
Integration time range 0.3 ms - 128 ms 0.2 ms - 128 ms
Line averaging and summing 1x … 256x (resulting up to 32 s/line)
Pixel binning Yes, up to 4x (equaling to 1.6 mm pitch)
A/D resolution 16 bits
Saturation level of raw data ~51000 ADC [email protected]
Overall uniformity, offset subtracted at X-card level <±20% <±15%
Overall uniformity, offset subtracted at detector level <±25% <±20%
Max number of dead pixels None
Channel electronic crosstalk ≤0.5%
Dynamic range >16 000
Sensitivity settings 8 levels, Charge range 0.75 to 10.5 pC/Line,
Interface Gigabit Ethernet with UDP protocol
EMC compliance EN61326-1:2013, EN61000-3-2:2014 and EN61000-3-3:2013
IP classification IP50
RoHS compliance Yes
Linearity >99%
Operational voltage and power +12 V or +24 V DC, 60 W max
Operational temperature and humidity 0-40 °C, 30–80%
Storage Temperature -10-50 °C
Lifetime under X-ray 10 MRads
Weight 16 kg max
Power on time recording Up to 100,000 hours recording



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