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Montfort-le-Gesnois, F- 72450
PH: +33 (2) 43 54 09 00
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Company Background

Nanolane is specialized in optical solutions at nanoscale and commercializes an innovative quantitative technique called Sarfus which extends the analysis possibilities in the fields of nanotechnologies.

Nanolane develops and offers new optical and software solutions for: Visualization or detection of nano-objects and ultra thin films / Thickness measurement of ultra thin films (repeatability less than 0.3nm).

Tools from Nanolane offers many benefits: simplicity of use, extreme sensitivity, no scanning needed, real-time visualization, 3D representation, large observation area (up to mm), lateral resolution of optical microscopy.

Nanolane's ability to design and manufacture high quality visualization and metrology tools for nanotechnology is our company's key assets.

The applications include for example rapid defect visualization of soft lithography, quality control of DNA biochips, direct visualization and measurement of nanolithography patterns, thin films and surface treatment studies, dynamic studies of crystallization and wetting applications, as well as direct behaviour and morphology characterization of nanotubes and nanowires. Nanolane is one of the subsidiaries of EOLANE.